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Packages and gift vouchers

These experiences have been packaged and priced as a limited night stay but we are happy to quote on any variations to suit your requirements.

With the region’s many world class experiences right on your doorstep we can recommend and organise any number of activities to enjoy with our professional guides and preferred operators- scenic heli-flights, fly fishing, international golf.....too many to list! Or of course you can select from our pamper options and just indulge!

While every effort will be made to provide this package in the form in which it is currently published there could be last minute changes due to circumstances beyond our control so please contact us directly to book.

Let us know your interests and we can wrap up a special deal just for you. 


- Special occasion

- Anniversaries

honeymoon - - Special occasion- Anniversaries
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luxury retreat

- Taupo escape

- Holiday/vacations

luxury retreat - - Taupo escape- Holiday/vacations
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exclusive use

Wedding venue

Birthday Party

Small ceremony

exclusive use - Wedding venueBirthday PartySmall ceremony
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Let off some steam

Discover a unique Taupo experience, which will challenge and excite you with our adventure self-drive thrills and spills package. It could be an excellent present for your loved one!

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